Work Study

Work-Study is a federal financial aid program that allows students to work on campus or with approved off-campus employers to earn money to pay for college expenses. Federal work-study is funded by a federal grant to the school.

These programs allow students to earn money to pay for education expenses. When students receive a work-study award, they may apply for jobs both on or off campus, depending on the school.

How to Apply

Students apply by completing the FAFSA. There will be a box to check if they are interested in receiving Work-Study as a part of their award package. Students should apply for financial aid as soon as possible because federal Work-Study is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. If a student receives Work-Study funds, they will need to work with their financial aid department to find and apply for Work-Study job opportunities.

How Much Can Be Awarded?

  • Awards are based on the availability of funds and the student's determined financial need
  • The student will earn at least the minimum wage. The work schedule and hours will be established by the employer and the student's school
  • With a Work-Study job, the student cannot work more than 20 hours per week, cannot work during class, and the types of jobs available are dependent on the type of Work-Study awarded (institutional or federal)

Cooperative Education Programs

Cooperative education programs allow students to continue their studies with an off-campus job related to their major. For more information, students can contact their school or visit the website.