Grants & Scholarships


Grants come from the state government or the federal government and go directly to the school the recipient is attending. Grants are primarily need-based and do not need to be repaid. Most grants require a completed FAFSA or ORSAA.

The following grants are need-based and applicants just need to file a FAFSA (ORSAA filers are not eligible):

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant Awarded to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at participating schools and pursuing coursework in teaching. Student must serve as a full-time teacher for at least four years for each year the grant is received. If you fail to fulfill this required teaching service, you’ll be required to repay the TEACH Grant funds as a federal student loan.


Scholarships are supported by private funds and administered by a foundation, company, or other third party. These funds typically require an application in addition to a FAFSA/ORSAA. Some scholarships are need-based and some are merit-based. As such, scholarships applications may require a transcript or GPA verification as well.

The Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) manages more than 600 private scholarship programs for Oregon residents. Students can apply for multiple scholarships with just one application. The application opens November 1 and closes March 1. You can contact OSAC for help completing your application.

CIS houses a scholarship and financial aid database that lists national, state, and local awards. Their tool sorts entries based upon an individual’s characteristics. Check with your ASPIRE Coordinator to find out if your site subscribes to CIS.

A free online scholarship search that does not require a login or giving out any of your information.