getting started: volunteers

application process

  1. Application, PD, & Agreement: Complete your packet and submit it to the site coordinator
  2. Interview: Meet with the site coordinator for an interview
  3. Background Check: Submit to your coordinator for approval

Training process

  1. Newsletter: Sign up to get the latest ASPIRE news each month
  2. Video Training: Watch the required video series (below) and take the volunteer training quiz
  3. Review Key Documents: Become familiar with the Volunteer Checklist, Safety Policies, and Student Management page

Volunteer Training Videos

  • To watch this playlist on YouTube, click the video title (ASPIRE Training:...)
  • To select a specific video in the series, click the icon in the upper-right corner of the video that has a "1/6" underneath it.

Want to learn more?

ASPIRE and OSAC have video webinars created internally and in collaboration with key partners. Use these to learn more about specific student topics.

Finished with all the volunteer training videos?

Mandatory Reporting

All volunteers working with Oregon youth are considered mandatory reporters; cases of suspected child abuse and neglect must be reported. This DHS video can help explain the meaning of mandatory reporting.

For questions about mandatory reporting, visit the State of Oregon Department of Human Services website.