Working with Underserved Students


Underserved students are students who do not receive equitable resources compared to other students in the academic pipeline. Typically, these groups of students are low-income, underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities, and/or first-generation students (among others).

Success Tips

  • Always welcome a student with a smile and by name, if possible

  • Never take anything students say or do personally

  • Don’t blame the student (for being late, getting bad grades, not following through, etc.)

  • Show students you care by showing up, being responsive, and letting them know you are there for their success

  • Encourage them and use positive reinforcements

  • Set reachable goals for students and brainstorm pathways to help them reach their goals

  • Celebrate successes

  • Take small steps, abandon any agenda, and just talk with them, not at them (an hour spent building a mentor relationship with youth is, by no means, a waste of time)

  • Ask for help from a site coordinator if you need help