student management

During a student's first meeting with an ASPIRE mentor they will complete a Student Tracker. This is the primary document for monitoring a student's progress throughout their time in the program. The tracker allows any mentor working with any student to quickly understand what a student has done so far and how they can help, without wasting time.

Recommended action items for college/career preparation are listed and can be done in any order, depending on the individual needs of the student. On the reverse side of the sheet, make brief notes after each session for yourself and other mentors (meeting date, volunteer hours, topics discussed).

The Volunteer Calendar has important deadlines and activities students should be focusing on each month, especially for juniors and seniors. Volunteers should compare the activities in the Volunteer Calendar and the Student Tracker to ensure that students are accessing all opportunities. Contact your site's Access Specialist to order additional physical copies.

Students should complete an intake survey when they start working with the ASPIRE program and when they leave the program. Middle School students should do this each year, while High School students only need to do the intake once (first meeting) and exit once (last meeting).

As a volunteer you may or may not be asked to help with student recruitment efforts. There are several recruiting actions you can take whether you have an established program or are just starting out. The "Running a Site" tab on Students has more detailed information about Student Recruitment.