Career options


Career exploration is not the same as searching for a job. It's the process of identifying what careers match your skills and interests mapping out the education or training needed to get there. The mentors' role in this is to:

  • Equip students with the strategies and skills to form life-long career development skills

  • Empower students to choose and attain personally rewarding careers

  • Help students identify their own interests and skills and discover how to build them

These YouTube playlists have snapshots of different career options, broken down by industry. The Career One Stop website has further resources on this careers too.

Great way to explore careers, salaries, education requirements, specifically in the state of Oregon. Does not specifically match careers with majors.

A search engine through the United State Department of Labor. You can explore careers' pay, education and training and the future outlook for those occupations.

A search engine to explore different careers and their descriptions.

Great resource to explore different careers and what majors correlate with these career paths.

Internships & Job Shadowing

Internships and job shadows are a great way for students to gain exposure to different types of careers and work experience. Ask your coordinator if there are local opportunities for students or see if you can host a student at your workplace.

What to Ask During a Job Shadow?: A guide for students during their job shadowing experience.