How to pay for college

  • Funding (either need-based or merit-based) that does NOT have to be paid back, so it should be your first source of financial aid
  • Most require a FAFSA or ORSAA, but not all
  • Find grant information below and Scholarship Information here.

Grants come from the state government or the federal government and go directly to the school the recipient is attending. Grants do not need to be repaid. Most grants require the FAFSA or ORSAA.

The following grants are need-based and applicants just need to file a FAFSA (ORSAA filers are not eligible):

Additional FUNDING Options

Oregon Savings Plan: Set aside tax-free money for college-related costs

Work Study: Get a part-time job on-campus funded by the Federal Work Study program

Student Loans: Going through the federal government or a private lender to get money for college, which must be paid back at a later date with interest