Required Documents

Student Management

Volunteer Management


Program Reporting

*Found by logging into the high school portal

Student Permission Form: This document is required for students to participate in ASPIRE. This document should be signed by Parents/Guardians. Also available in Spanish.

Student Tracker: This two-sided document asks for the student's contact information, post-secondary goals, and related high school activities; it is helpful to have students fill out their side of the Student Tracker during their first meeting with a mentor. The reverse side of the Tracker is for mentor use only; volunteers will record the date and length of time of each meeting, along with a brief note on what they and the student worked on when they met. For the middle school program there is an optional tracker that can be used.

Volunteer Application: Applicant's volunteer experience, qualifications, interests, and contact information

Volunteer Agreement: Volunteers agree to maintain student confidentiality, follow mandatory reporting requirements, and maintain integrity of student/mentor meetings

Volunteer Background Check: All volunteers must pass a criminal background check. Most ASPIRE sites already have a procedure in place for submitting criminal history verification requests to the state. Sites with no formal verification process in place may submit a verification request form directly to the OR Dept. of Education.

Progress Report: Coordinators are required to file this bi-annual report (through OSAC Portal) by January 15 and May 15 each year (see training video below). Coordinators may use these optional documents to track the data to be reported in the Progress Reports: Middle School Progress Report Tracker, High School Progress Report Tracker. Other useful tools to help with the progress report process are the Coordinator Progress Report Instructions document and the support video at the bottom of this page.

Student Participation List: Coordinators are required to complete this list (through OSAC Portal) by May 15 each year (see training video below). This list should only contain students who have met with a volunteer mentor at least once through the academic year. The Student Participation List Instructions document is a helpful guide to this process.