Out of State Schools

There are many great post-secondary options outside of Oregon than can be a great fit for students. Using the College Search Tools available to students are a great way to start learning about those options.

One great option for students considering out of state options is to see if their chosen program of study is available through the Western Undergraduate Exchange, which may offer students an out of state option that may be offered at a similar, or even less expensive tuition rate than some in-state options.

Some important items to keep in mind when considering attending an out of state school:

  • What is the total difference in the cost of attendance of going to an out of state school compared to a similar in-state option?
  • Has the student visited the campus and the city/town where the school is located?
  • What activities are available on or near campus?
  • How much will it cost to travel to/from the school to home?
  • Is the student ready to be far away from home and in a new area?