Getting Started volunteering

Student Tracker

Fill out the Student Tracker during your first meeting with your students, doing the first part of the form together. The Student Tracker will be provided by your Site Coordinator or you can click the picture and print the student tracker example. You'll use this tracker for the remainder of the student's time in school.

The tracker is very important. It allows others to quickly understand what a student has done and how they can help, without wasting time.

The activities listed are recommended action items that will help the student successfully prepare for education beyond high school. Most actions do not have to be done in order and can be tailored to the needs of the individual student.

On the reverse side, make a brief notation of the date, volunteer hours and topics discussed each time you meet.

The Volunteer Calendar has important deadlines and activities students should be focusing on each month, especially for juniors and seniors. The calendar also breaks down recommended activities by grade-level. Volunteers should compare the activities in the Volunteer Calendar and the Student Tracker to ensure that students are accessing all opportunities.

Students may complete an intake survey before they begin mentoring. The ideal time for them to do so is during their first meeting with volunteers. Students will need to complete an exit survey (each year for middle school students and their senior year for high school students). A best practice is to encourage students to complete this exit survey during their last meeting of the year.

Learning and sharing

Share information about yourself with your students, specifically your educational and employment background. Build a relationship of trust and ensure that they understand you care about their future. Ask a few open-ended questions, such as:

  • What courses interest you?
  • Which clubs or organizations do you belong to? What is your role within them?
  • Do you participate in extracurricular activities or sports?
  • What kinds of part-time jobs have you had?
  • How have you volunteered in your community?
  • What types of career paths interest you?
  • What kind of education beyond high school are you considering?
  • How do you think an ASPIRE mentor can be a help to you?