What do we do now

What Do We Do Now?

The next step is to start working with your student and helping them plan. Each student will be different. Some will meet with you regularly and others infrequently. Some will have a lot planned and will need specific help. Others may have never considered college.

Use the Student Tracker

Use the Student Tracker each time you meet with your student. Fill out the first part of the form together. The Student Tracker will be provided by your Site Coordinator or you can click the picture and print the student tracker example.

The tracker is very important. It allows other volunteers to quickly understand what a student has done and how they can help, without wasting time.

The activities listed are recommended action items that will help the student successfully prepare for education beyond high school. Most actions do not have to be done in order, but can be tailored to the needs of the individual student.

On the reverse side, make a brief notation of the date, volunteer hours and topics discussed each time you meet.

Use the Calendar

Where the student tracker has a complete list of the activities that a student should complete, the calendar gives recommendations of what months your student should be completing these activities.

Refer to the calendar frequently, because it will have the deadlines coming up and also what your student should be planning for in the upcoming month.

Additional Resources: Checklists

If you need more help in making sure that you are getting all the support that your student needs, try these checklists. They are provided by the College goes to Oregon: Gear-up Program.