ASPIRE conferences

ASPIRE conferences bring together ASPIRE site staff, volunteers, and career and college readiness professionals to collaborate, connect to valuable resources, and receive current information about various career and college readiness topics.

2021-22 Virtual ASPIRE Fall Conference

Registration is open for the October 29, 2021 ASPIRE Fall Conference. REGISTER NOW!!

8:30 am Log on/Technical Support

9:00 am Welcome

9:30 am Breakout Sessions

  • How do I ASPIRE?

Best practices for setting up a career/college program. Are you new to the world of career and college success. Come join a panel of experienced coordinators who will share best practices. Bring your questions!

  • Reinvigorating ASPIRE

Maybe you inherited the ASPIRE program and are picking up where the previous coordinator left off. Or, maybe your administrator just assigned you to coordinate the ASPIRE program at your school. Let’s take a look at reinvigorating, refreshing, or restarting your program with a fresh new perspective.

  • Student Support (9-12)

What do students need to know? Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. Let’s discuss the important items that every high school student needs to do/know during each year of high school.

  • Writing Meaningful and Effective Personal Statements

This session will explore the do's and don'ts of college essay writing while explaining the impact of personal statements from the reader's perspective. Real examples of particularly effective essays will be shared.

  • Demystifying Career Pathways & Apprenticeships

Come learn about how to work with your students on career pathways, stay updated on changes, and learn about different apprenticeship programs and opportunities for your students.

  • ASPIRE Middle Schools

Are you interested in learning more about ASPIRE middle school or are managing an ASPIRE middle school program? Come join ASPIRE staff to learn about the program and discussion around creating strong programs

10:30 am Break & Transition

10:40 am Breakout Sessions Repeated

11:40 am Regional Team Meetings

12:30 pm Adjourned

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