starting New Volunteers

Training for Volunteers

After you've screened the volunteers and the criminal background check has been approved, volunteers must visit the Volunteer Training page to watch the videos and complete the quiz. Coordinators should also be familiar the training videos. These trainings provide the basic information needed to volunteer. Coordinators are expected to provide additional, site-specific trainings for their volunteers.

Volunteers can complete the videos and quiz on their own time if they'd like. The record of their quiz results are tracked on the following Sheets:

Coordinators have the responsibility to monitor volunteer training and can create their own policies for accountability.

Matching Students & Volunteers

When possible, it is a good practice to match students and volunteers purposefully - they could posses similar career interests, hobbies, or backgrounds - anything that could help create a quick working relationship between them. Feel free to use either of these forms to help guide those purposeful matches: