Volunteer Recruitment

Guides for Recruiting Volunteers

Volunteer Recruitment Strategy Plan

  • This document outlines different strategies that you can use to recruit volunteers. It gives you action steps, supporting ASPIRE resources and additional things to consider.

Volunteer Recruitment and Resource Checklist

  • This document gives a checklist of different activities to do and the resources to use to recruit volunteers.

Messaging Guide and Recruitment Templates

  • This document gives you messaging guidelines when you are describing ASPIRE. Additionally, it gives templates and examples that can be copied. Templates include: recruiting volunteer emails, letters to businesses, radio ad script, news article, etc.

ASPIRE Site Website

Many schools have school websites where you can have a page devoted to ASPIRE. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Do not make it text heavy- do not have a lot of words
  2. Have contact information- If people want to volunteer they know who to reach out to
  3. Have headings- This makes your website "scan-able" and easy to find information.

Examples of ASPIRE site Websites:

Managing Prospective Volunteers

A few of the common practices for managing your prospective volunteers include:

  • Contacting all prospective volunteers within two working days of their inquiry through a letter, return phone call, or email
  • Scheduling an interview upon receipt of completed applications
  • Inform volunteers that a criminal background check is required

Have packets ready to give to potential volunteers or have an email ready to forward them information. Clearly communicate the application process to the volunteer. Share the short-term and long-term impact that the volunteer will make! Add your known success stories to your packet.

Recruitment Documents