Middle School Programs

Models for Middle School Sites

Group Mentoring: ASPIRE suggested middle school program activities are delivered by volunteers or teachers in a classroom or workshop setting. Students complete college and career focused activities with assistance from ASPIRE volunteer (volunteer screening determined by site administration).

Special Event Model: Students attend college and career focused presentations given by episodic volunteers, participate in job shadows, go on field trips to college campuses and participate in other ASPIRE activities. Volunteers help to direct conversations during events and discuss the relevance of each activity (volunteer screening determined by site administration).

Peer Mentoring Model: ASPIRE students from nearby high school sites meet one-on-one or with groups of ASPIRE middle school students. This model requires coordination between the high school and middle school coordinators. Peer mentors must complete the peer mentoring training provided by the high school before meeting with students.

Activities for Middle School Programs

There are various ways to create impactful activities for middle school students. Here are a few tools that can support activities while working with middle school students.

  • Middle School Suggested Student Activities - This is a guide with suggested activities taken from the ECMC curriculum.
  • Middle School Workshops - These include a wide variety of workshops that can be integrated into the classroom to help students begin to prepare for high school and prepare for life after high school.
  • Middle School Student Tracker - For sites using a one on one or small group mentoring model, this tool can be useful to track the activities that students are completing.
  • Near Peer Mentoring Activities - For sites using a near-peer mentoring model, this provides some engaging activities that high school students could provide for middle school students.