Program Models

Types of volunteers

    • Traditional Volunteer: An adult volunteer (18 years or older) that is recruited and screened by ASPIRE sites
    • Episodic Volunteer: An adult volunteer who leads college and career focused presentations and activities for groups of students in the presence of site staff (site’s administration decides if one-time presenters must complete a background check).
    • Peer Mentor: An ASPIRE high school junior or senior who has participated in the ASPIRE peer mentor training. Peer mentors are matched one-on-one or with small groups of middle school students.

structure for high schools

Scheduled: One-on-one with assigned mentor and/or group mentoring*

Drop-in: ASPIRE room is open for mentoring and trained volunteers are present; students may drop in and work with any available mentor

ASPIRE Class: Trained volunteers assist in one-on-one and group mentoring* in the classroom and can use the guided activities found in the suggested High School Workshops

Coordinator Mentor: ASPIRE Coordinator may serve and be counted as an ASPIRE mentor if school is designated as Rural Remote (Code 43) by the U.S. Dept. of Education

*Group Mentoring - Acceptable for all grade levels; juniors and seniors must also receive one-on-one mentoring help