OSAC Scholarship Application

There are more than 500 scholarships offered through the Office of Student Access and Completion application. The scholarships have differing criteria: need-based, merit-based and some fall it neither of those two categories. Here is a catalog of all the available scholarships.

  • February 15: Early Bird deadline.
    • Applications will be reviewed for errors and applicants will receive a chance to make corrections.
    • Error-free Early Bird applications are entered into a drawing for a $1000 OSAC scholarship.
  • March 1: OSAC scholarship application final deadline
    • OSAC scholarship application site traffic may be heaviest a few days before the deadlines of February 15 and March 1, so students should submit their applications early
    • Use the scholarship filter within the catalog to sort through scholarships that are applicable
    • Four personal statements on OSAC scholarships application

A missing or incomplete transcript is the #1 reason for a rejected OSAC scholarship application. See complete instructions here: http://oregonstudentaid.gov/scholarships-transcripts.aspx

OSAC does not require official transcripts.

For most high school students, their counselor or registrar will upload the transcripts for them when requests, for those that need to upload their own, they can upload a PDF copy of the transcript to the application.

Log into the application and check that the transcript was successfully uploaded. Students may also mail or hand deliver their transcript.

The OSAC application requires students to write four personal statement essays. Ensure that personal statements have been edited for clarity, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

This chart is where students list the activities they participate in outside of schools. The 3 categories are: School Activities, Volunteer/Community/Family Activities, and Paid Work History. Click HERE for a sample of the activity chart.

Here is the information you will track on your activity chart.

  1. The activity category (School Activities, Volunteer/Community/Family Activities, Paid Work History)
  2. A short title for the activity
  3. Dates From: month and year of when you first began that activity
  4. Dates To: either use 'To present' if you are currently doing this activity, or enter month and year when you last did that activity
  5. Time Spent—number of hours per week or month and total hours; give your best estimate
  6. A description of responsibilities and/or accomplishments associated with the activity (up to 115 characters)
  • Be brief. Pinpoint activities where you showed leadership, decision-making, and organizational skills, and areas where you received special recognition.
  • Limited to 20 activities.

Oregon Career Information Systems (CIS users: You can import your activity data from your CIS Career Planning Portfolio, click on the 'Import CIS Activities' button. There are more details within the student portal.