Reporting data

Site Reports

Progress Report: Coordinators are required to file this semi-annual report (through the OSAC Portal) by January 15 and May 15 each year. Coordinators may use these optional documents to track the data to be reported:

Other useful tools to help with the progress report process are the Coordinator Progress Report Instructions document and the support video.

STudent Tracking

Student Permission Form: This document is required for students to participate in ASPIRE. This document should be signed by Parents/Guardians. Also available in Spanish.

Student Tracker: This two-sided document asks for the student's contact information, post-secondary goals, and related high school activities; it is helpful to have students fill out their side of the Student Tracker during their first meeting with a mentor. The reverse side of the Tracker is for mentor use only; volunteers will record the date and length of time of each meeting, along with a brief note on what they and the student worked on when they met. For the middle school program there is an optional tracker that can be used.

Student Participation List: Coordinators are required to complete this list (through OSAC Portal) by May 15 each year (see training video). This list should only contain students who have met with a volunteer mentor at least once through the academic year. The Student Participation List Instructions document is a helpful guide to this process.


ASPIRE Coordinators may have access to FAFSA Plus+ to monitor their students' completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can learn more about the FAFSA Plus+ program through OSAC. The following guides help coordinators navigate FAFSA Plus+: