Coordinator Training 2020

Coordinator training

This presentation covers the basics of being an ASPIRE site coordinator. It covers the resources you'll need for success, annual deadlines and reminders, steps for onboarding volunteers and students, and tips for creating a welcoming atmosphere.

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Approved volunteers will need to complete their training and orientation before working with students:

  • ASPIRE Video: Volunteer Training: This video introduces volunteers to the ASPIRE program, the key themes in mentoring students to prepare for college or a career, and most importantly shows them how they can use the Toolkit to learn all they need to know.

  • On-Site Training: Depending on the site and available resources, volunteers may be asked to come in for site-specific training. This typically includes going over ASPIRE guidelines, reviewing school/site policies and procedures, and shadowing a current volunteer to get a feel for the duties of a volunteer. During this meeting you can also set up a regular schedule for the volunteer to come in.

Volunteer Toolkit

The Volunteer Toolkit (a.k.a the "Working with Students" section of this website) has all of the resources volunteers will need to help students plan and pay for their postsecondary goals. It has much of the content and curriculum for students in the ASPIRE program.

Some of the key resources volunteers will be using are the Volunteer Checklist and Career and College Calendar and Checklists. These help direct volunteers' work during different points of the year. Encourage volunteers to regularly explore the Toolkit and expand their knowledge.

Volunteer Training

Your volunteers are required to watch this video before working with students. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the video too, so you know what knowledge-level your site's volunteers are working from.

Additional Videos

If you're looking to expand your knowledge of how to plan and pay for college, check out the webinars videos made for and designed by our various partners. You can view these on your own, watch specific videos with your volunteer team, or incorporate them into events.