Volunteer Roles

Types of Volunteers

  • Traditional Volunteer: An adult volunteer (18 years or older), recruited and screened by an ASPIRE site, to assist regularly.

  • Episodic Volunteer: A volunteer who leads a college/career-focused presentation or leads activities for groups of students (in the presence of site staff). Site’s administration decides if one-time presenters must complete a background check.

  • Peer Mentor: An ASPIRE high school junior or senior who has participated in the ASPIRE peer mentor training. Peer mentors are matched one-on-one or with younger students to help them with the early stages of college and career exploration.

  • Coordinator-Mentor: ASPIRE Coordinators in rural areas, where it is difficult to have regular volunteers, act as mentors.

Expanded Roles

  • Team Lead: Experienced and dedicated volunteers may take on this role. Team Leads assist Coordinators with their site management duties, help recruit more volunteers, and take added responsibility in managing site resources. (Position Description)

  • Resource Specialist: Volunteers can also take on the role of Resource Specialist. These volunteers act as subject matter experts for fellow mentors and help keep site information up-to-date for current and future volunteers. (Position Description)