Retaining Volunteers

Empowerment: Make sure volunteers are trained thoroughly and feel like they have the tools needed to succeed in their role. Discover a volunteer's skills and abilities that relate to the role and match them with tasks that maximize their strengths.

Recognition: Clearly show appreciation and recognition to volunteers in a way that they prefer. Figure out what kind of feedback method (verbal, written, etc.) is most appreciated by them as individuals. Treat your volunteers and staff partners as a team.

Feedback: Support your volunteers by taking notes of their efforts, offering resources to fill in their knowledge gaps, and giving feedback on areas for improvement. You are there to support their development as a volunteer mentor.

Creating Positive Environments

Other Points of View: Solicit the observations of site staff who work with/around the volunteer but be sure to respect the staff member's confidentiality. Listen and act on ideas/suggestions from your volunteers. Use feedback from spring surveys to improve your operations.

Inviting Spaces: Create a pleasant and welcoming work environment by giving them a well-lit and comfortable work space, having food or drinks available occasionally, and providing ample supplies for their work. Make it a place volunteers look forward to coming to.