1. Have Materials Ready: When someone expresses interest, be prepared to hand them an application packet or send them an email with more information about the opportunity. Keep extra Volunteer Application Packets on hand.

  2. Communicate Clearly: Make it clear what the application, review, and orientation process is like for new volunteers. Establishing this sets mutual expectations and fosters professionalism in your program, along with creating more volunteer buy-in from the onset.

  3. Share Stories: Learn about the impact ASPIRE has made on your students and your current volunteers. When you hear compelling stories of the impact ASPIRE has had, share those stories with potential volunteers. It's always good to ask permission to share someone's story.

  4. Follow Up: Have people that expressed interest? Maintain contact and follow-up within two working days of their inquiry. This can be through a letter, phone call, or email. Following up shows that you are genuinely interested in the volunteer and the impact they can have.