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Recruiting Students

  • Our Recruitment Planner has several recruiting actions you can take, whether you have an established program or are just starting out. Set target dates and take note of which methods are most effective at your site.

  • Tabling at events where students and parents are present: registration, back-to-school nights, financial aid nights, parent-teacher conferences, etc.. Here you can talk with parents about the program and get signed Permission Forms: English | Spanish completed.

  • Ensure staff know about the program through formal and informal conversations and know they can refer potential students to you.

  • Visit different classes, meetings, and assemblies to speak about ASPIRE

Starting & Tracking Students

Completing a Permission Form: Because your students will typically be younger than 18, you will need their parent/guardian to sign a Permission Form to participate in the ASPIRE program. These will also be a way to keep track of who is officially in the program.

Matching Students with Mentors: students can be matched to volunteer mentors based on shared traits, career goals, or mutual interests

Tracking Student Progress: volunteers and coordinators use Student Trackers to monitor a student's progress, allowing any mentor to pick-up right where the last one left off

Tracking Mentoring Sessions: For ASPIRE reporting and school policy procedures, it can be helpful to have students sign-in whenever they visit your ASPIRE desk/center/office. This can make it easier when reporting the number of ASPIRE activities throughout the year and can show your site staff/teachers/administrators the importance of ASPIRE to your students.

Student Data & Reporting

ASPIRE Site Reporting

  • In January and May of each year, site coordinators are required to report data about their program. This includes items such as number of volunteers, number of students involved, and frequency of college/career readiness activities Visit the Reporting page to learn more.

ASPIRE Surveys

  • Surveys are ASPIRE's way of ensuring that all parts of a site are running effectively and enjoyably. We ask that Coordinators, Volunteers, and Students complete surveys. Learn more about frequency of surveying and find the links to the forms on the Surveys page.

Site FAFSA Data

  • FAFSA Plus+ is an online tool from OSAC that allows site coordinators to track student FAFSA completion rates at their site. This tool can help you identify which seniors haven't completed their FAFSA yet. It does not include ORSAA completion data.