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Program Models

  • Scheduled Mentoring: Students sign-up for a specific time slot to do one-on-one (or group) ASPIRE work with a mentor.

  • Drop-in Mentoring: An ASPIRE room (or section of a room, such as a library) is open for mentoring. Students come to the room when allowed and work with whichever mentor is available to assist. Volunteers manage the room throughout the day/open hours.

  • ASPIRE College & Career Planning Class: A trained volunteer or site coordinator works with students in a classroom during a designated class time. Classes can incorporate one-on-one and group mentoring.

Build ASPIRE Website

Some sites have school-hosted websites that allow coordinators to have a page devoted to ASPIRE. Some general design tips:

  • Avoid having lots of text: keep it clear and concise

  • Make it easy to contact you: for potential volunteers & students

  • Use headings: make it easy for people to quickly scan and find what they're looking for

Examples of ASPIRE site pages: