Career Search Tools

Research Careers

These YouTube playlists have snapshots of different career options, broken down by industry. The Career One Stop main website has further resources on this careers too.

A search engine through the United State Department of Labor. You can explore careers' pay, education and training and the future outlook for those occupations.

Great way to explore careers, salaries, education requirements, specifically in the state of Oregon. Does not specifically match careers with majors.

A search engine to explore different careers and their descriptions.

Search and get details on 150+ enlisted and officer occupations. Describes training, advancement, and educational opportunities. Encourage students interested in military options to speak with recruiters from different branches.

Educational requirements

Oregon Career Pathways

Provides visual road-maps of career-technical certificate programs at all Oregon Community Colleges.

College Board Index of Majors

Great resource to explore different careers and what majors correlate with these career paths.


Military aptitude test used to determine qualifications for enlistment in the Armed Forces and potential career paths.