Out-of-State Schools

Search Tools

There are many great post-secondary options outside of Oregon. Using the College Search Tools is a great way to start learning about those options and finding a good fit for the student.

One great tool for students considering non-Oregon options is to search through the Western Undergraduate Exchange. This exchange allows eligible students to attend select out-of-state schools without paying the full out-of-state tuition price. This can be especially helpful if a student's desired major/field of study isn't available at an in-state institution. Note: some schools have earlier application deadlines for WUE applicants.


Questions to ask students:

  • What is the total difference in the cost of attendance of going to an out-of-state school compared to a similar in-state option?
  • Has the student visited the campus and the city/town where the school is located?
  • What activities are available on or near campus?
  • How much will it cost to travel to/from the school to home?
  • Is the student ready to be far away from home and in a new area?