Choosing a College

Determining Cost

Students can use the FAFSA4caster to get an estimate of federal aid that they may receive and what the government expects the student to pay out of pocket for a chosen college.

Scholarships, grants, and tuition waivers are all ways to help reduce the cost to students. Visit the Funding Options tab and for more info.

Learn More About the School

Colleges' admissions websites are typically the best place to find out information about the school, their admissions requirements, and the personality of the institution.

Students can also learn more by speaking to students and staff of the school by going to college fair events and on-campus preview days. These events can be found on the Volunteer Calendar.

Evaluating Schools

Student Values & Campus Values

As a student is looking through options, they can use this College Evaluation Worksheet to "score" a college. Visiting schools or speaking to multiple students and staff from the school can help students get a better idea of the environment. Don't rely just on a school's ranking or selectivity as an indication of quality.

Campus Culture

Students can prepare for a campus visit by thinking about questions they should ask during the visit. They can ask students, professors, or staff and get different viewpoints on the school. Some students may look for a familiar environment, while others may want a new experience.

College Personality Quizzes

Many sites have quizzes to help students identify schools that match their interests. These are not scientifically-tested assessments, but they can be a good launching point for figuring out what a student is looking for.