Video Resources

Virtual tours

Most universities and colleges have a virtual tour option on their website, or at least a video showcasing the campus. Some of these are even compatible with VR technology to make it seem like you're really there! If a student can't make it out to visit a school, or just wants to learn more about it, do a search for "SCHOOL NAME virtual tour". You can also find them on schools' admissions websites.

"Top" Colleges

Every list of top colleges is subjective no matter the author or the judging criteria. It's important that students choose a school that's a good fit for them personally, not just the "highest ranked" one they can get into. If there is a specific quality a student is looking for in a school (well-regarded engineering program, lots of campus greenery, ample opportunities for civic engagement, etc.) than lists can be good for idea generation.

Choosing a School

Community college? State school? Private university?

Your student might be having a very difficult time deciding which type of education is right for them.

Is College Worth It?

Attending a college or university in the United States often comes with a pretty hefty price tag.