College Search Tools

School searches

The federal Department of Education has online tools to help students find colleges based on: size, degrees offered, location, public/private, mission, tuition, environment, SAT scores, programs offered, and much more.

Education/Career Planning

Some students may choose a college without knowing what career they want to pursue, while others may choose one with a career specifically in mind. Either way, CIS, Naviance, and the pages on the Career Search Tools page can help students narrow down their choices.

This system has information on every college major and career-tech training field offered by every post-secondary institution in the U.S. It also helps students create an integrated career and education plan.

Most ASPIRE sites have access to CIS. If your site does not, you can access CIS through a local library or WorkSource Center.

This comprehensive college and career readiness guide helps schools align students' strengths and interests to the development of post-secondary goals.

Check with your coordinator to see if your site uses Naviance. If so, they will have the login information.