Budgeting & Money

How Budgets Help You Manage Income And Expenses, Having a budget lets you approach your money with a plan of attack. That way, you're better equipped to ride the wave of your finances and assess when you need to change your spending habits.

Everything You Need to Know to Design Your First Budget, Budgeting is not so bad, especially if you have a goal you're working toward. Take control of your money by examining your spending and identifying your income to get what you want.

Fatten Up Your Savings With A Healthy Budget, Understanding a few basic budgeting terms and concepts makes it simple to save more money and manage your bills.

The Student Loan Borrowers Cheat Sheet, this resource explains borrowing limits, grace periods, and interest rates.

How Much Should I Borrow for College?, figure out the right amount to borrow by creating a plan that accounts for your school's costs and how much you'll likely earn after graduation

Why I Love My Budget Video, Creating a budget may sound painful, but taking control of your money can be just the thing you need to do to you pursue your dreams. Just listen to these people.

It's time to think about the "b” word a bit differently. Ultimately, a budget is a strategy for how to spend your money--a spending plan. This lesson will help you create a plan that lets you not only get the things you need and want today but also plan for the things you'll need and want in your future.

In this lesson, you will learn about:

· The three main components of a spending plan.

· How income and savings can dictate expenses.

· How to define and design your spending plan.

· Ways to set goals, evaluate, and modify your spending plan.