Training: New Volunteers

After screening volunteers and the criminal background check has been approved, volunteers must complete training videos and quizzes at the Volunteer Training Page. 
Coordinators should also be familiar the Volunteer Training Page. These trainings provide the basic information for new volunteers. Coordinators are expected to provide additional, site-specific trainings for their volunteers.

Volunteer Training Page

Visit the Volunteer Training page and complete required trainings and quizzes. 
NOTE: Coordinators may choose to watch the training videos with a large group of volunteers. If you are at a location that doesn't have internet or access to YouTube, you can download the videos, beforehand.The training videos can be downloaded here: 

         Volunteer Quiz

         Volunteers are asked to complete a quiz at the end of each of the online videos. The only purpose of the quiz is for coordinators to track participation. Therefore, it is not required if coordinators are viewing the training with             the volunteers.

         Coordinators can see who has completed the online quizzes in the spreadsheet below (see the file cabinet for archived records):

         Coordinators have the responsibility to monitor volunteer training. Coordinators can create their own policies for accountability. 

Matching Students with Volunteers

When possible, it is a good practice to match students and volunteers purposefully - they could posses similar career interests, hobbies, or backgrounds - anything that could help create a quick working relationship between them. Feel free to use either of these forms to help guide those purposeful matches:
            Mentor to Student Matching Form
            Student to Mentor Matching Form