Volunteer Recruitment

A few of the common practices for managing your prospective volunteers include:
  • Contacting all prospective volunteers within two working days of their inquiry through a letter, return phone call, or email
  • Scheduling an interview upon receipt of completed applications
  • Informing your volunteers that a criminal background check is required
Use the Volunteer Recruitment Planner and Volunteer Recruitment Action Plan to help create a recruiting plan, and keep track of your results.

Recruitment Message
An effective recruitment message must appeal to the person’s motivation for volunteering, as well as anticipate any questions. The message should contain the following elements:
  • position title and purpose
  • basic requirements, time, place, etc.
  • contact information for the ASPIRE Coordinator promise of training and support
Have packets ready to give to potential volunteers or have an email ready to forward them information. Clearly communicate the application process to the volunteer. Share the short-term and long-term impact that the volunteer will make! Add your known success stories to your packet.


Business Cards: Use these to hand out to community members, current and prospective volunteers, students, and parents.
        Business Card  (Word Document Version - download to edit) 
        Business Card (Fillable PDF Version - download to edit)
Newsletter: Use this template to create a monthly newsletter to volunteers, school staff, or parents. Let people know about your successes and how they can help make the program better.
        Newsletter Template (download to edit)
Name Tags: Use this template to create name tags for events.
        Name Tag Template (download to edit)

Radio Ad Script: Use this fun radio script as a template to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) and some interest around your ASPIRE site.  
        Radio Script  (download to edit)

Sample Recruitment Letters: Adapt these letters to fit recruit volunteers from different groups  (download to edit)
        For Parents and Guardians
        For Businesses
        For ASPIRE Alumni
        For College Students