MS & HS Student Workshops

ASPIRE workshop activities are structured to fit within a site's schedule. Activity topics include career exploration, college financial planning, high school graduation requirements, course rigor, and the importance of extracurricular and community activities.

ECMC "Believing the College Dream" & "Realizing the College Dream" Curriculum 

Below is a selection from the Believing the College Dream & Realizing the College Dream curriculum materials. For the entire curriculum, please visit: Educational Credit Management Corporation

Introductory Activities

Academic Consciousness
Academic Success is a Collaborative Effort
Academic Success Has Communal Benefits
Learning Style Knowledge is Needed for Academic Success
Making Successful Transitions
Believing the College Dream - A Look Back, A Look Forward
Parent/Community Conversations
Thinking of Yourself As a College-Bound Student
Debunking the Myth That "You Can't Afford College"
Getting Involved and Staying Involved (for Families)