Volunteer Responsibilities and Required Training

Before Mentoring

1. Complete Required Documents with your Coordinator
2. Watch 3 Required online video trainings (see below)

3. Become familiar with the resources available in this toolkit & review this basic Volunteer Checklist

While Mentoring 

· Meet with students and help them:

            Explore career and educational options,

            Choose the best fit,

            Apply and Pay for their educational choice.

· Use Student Tracker to record their activities and progress

· Attend volunteer meetings and trainings (orientation, ASPIRE Fall Conference, etc.)

· Use  ASPIRE printed materials, ASPIRE toolkit (aspireoregon.org), and newsletter

· Follow ASPIRE guidelines, site policies and regulations regarding confidentiality, meeting times, safety, etc.

· Complete a volunteer survey at the end of the year

Required Trainings:

Please review the following required trainings and complete each corresponding quiz. Feel free to pause and rewind so that you better understand and retain the information. 

Attend a volunteer orientation and other trainings at your site to learn about their programs, rules, and policies.

Volunteer Basics

Financial Aid Basics