Essay Writing                          

As a volunteer you can have the largest impact on the success of a student's scholarship or college application, just be proofreading. Below are some helpful tips that you can review with your student before you proofread their work. 

Tips for Writing an Effective Application Essay - This 43-second video addresses how students can best present themselves in their essays.  The information below the video is useful and has explanations on the following tips: 
    Choose a topic that will highlight you
    Keep your focus narrow and personal 
    Show, don't tell
    Use your own voice
    Ask a teacher and a parent to proofread

Tips on Submitting Application/Essays - A helpful checklist students may want to take home with them as they work on applications and essays.

Letters of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation Request Form - This is a great, easy document that students can use as part of a request for a letter of recommendation that will help the writer know more about the student, so the letter will better reflect important attributes about the student.