Using Texting to Support your Students

eASPIRE simply means using digital means to communicate and work with your students. In addition to supporting students in-person, you can also mentor them via digital means. You should strive to use all the tools at your disposal to engage students and help them stay on track. 

Currently, texting is one of the better ways to reach students. You can use a two way texting service, like Remind, where you can alert students of upcoming deadlines and answer their questions. 

There are other services that you can use; Remind is just one option. We encourage you to use a service where you can monitor interaction between students and where there is a record of conversations. Your site or administration may have further rules and regulations around interacting with students. 

For Coordinators:
1. Set up your account (Watch video below or HERE)

2. Add Classes and organize your students. (Watch video below or HERE)
You can organize your students by grade levels, by their mentor, or both. The same student can be in multiple "classes". This way, as a coordinator, you can send texts around grade specific  deadlines but the volunteer mentor will have access just to the students that they work with.  

3. Have your volunteers and students join by using your code. There are multiple ways. 
  1. Add individuals manually by typing in their name. 
  2. Print a pdf that gives them instructions.
  3. Tell them to text a number to get instructions.
  4. Email or text a link to the students, volunteers and parents.

4. Make your volunteer an owner of the class.
  1. Click on "people" within the class tab.  
  2. Click "add owner"
  3. Assign your volunteer as "owner" They will receive a text message confirming them as the owner.

5. Mentor students through texting! (Watch video below or HERE)
Use ASPIRE and other resources to keep students updated. Ask them questions about their interests and encourage them to ask questions so texting becomes more than an alert experience, but an actual mentoring experience. Students can be supported by texting or in-person mentoring. 

Watch a quick video on how you might use Remind to mentor your students: 

Watch this Video on how to set up your Remind account: 

YouTube Video

Watch this Video on how to create a class: 

YouTube Video