Hands on Career Exploration

There are many ways to explore potential careers.  Check with your coordinator to see what job shadow, internships and other opportunities are available for your students.

Apprenticeship - Occupational training that combines on-the-job experience with classroom instruction. A partnership of employers, workers, the State of Oregon, and a variety of schools and community colleges, apprenticeship experiences train new employees to meet industry standards for a given occupation. 
Typically apprenticeships last two to five years, depending on the industry requirements. Applicants can find information about becoming an apprentice at the Oregon Apprenticeship Website. You can view where apprenticeship opportunities are located within Oregon on this page of the the Oregon Apprenticeship websiteAlso refer to this list of apprenticeship opportunities from Oregon Tradeswomen.

Job Corps This program through the US Department of Labor offers free education and vocational training to individuals ages 16-24.

National Career Readiness Certificate Nationally known and recognized credential designed to document the essential skills of job seekers and students. Students receive a level of certificate that shows the level of mastery of that skill.  This certificate will supplement their resume.

Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc., (OTI) - Dedicated to promoting success for women in the trades through education, leadership and mentorship.

Internships and Job Shadows - Internships and job shadows are a great way for students to gain exposure to different types of careers and work experience. Ask your coordinator if there are local opportunities.

What to Ask During a Job Shadow? - Questions students can ask during a job shadow. 

Career Evaluation Chart - A tool to use in order to evaluate whether a career is a good fit.