College Search Tools                                                                                     

Career Information System (CIS) -  Ask your coordinator if your site licenses the use of CIS; if so, request the login information. If not, you can access the site through most local libraries and all WorkSource Centers. This user-friendly system has information on every college major and career-tech training field offered by every post-secondary institution in the U.S.  It also has an extensive scholarship and career database and helps student create a career plan and a matching education plan. 

College Navigator - Highly recommended. Search through over 7,000 schools. Students can export search results into a spreadsheet. 

College Scorecard - Another recommended search tool. This tool is especially easy to navigate and provides useful information that helps students compare school options.

Oregon Career Pathways - Provides visual roadmaps of career-technical certificate programs at all Oregon Community Colleges.  

College Board Big Future Search - Perform a college search by major location, type of college, financial aid, etc.