OSAC Scholarship Application                                                                                           
There are more than 500 scholarships offered through the Office of Student Access and Completion application. The scholarships have differing criteria: need-based, merit-based and some fall it neither of those two categories. Here is a catalog of all the available scholarships.  
  • February 15: Early Bird deadline. 
    • Applications will be reviewed for errors and applicants will receive a chance to make corrections.
    • Error-free Early Bird applications are entered into a drawing for a $1000 OSAC scholarship.
  • March 1: OSAC scholarship application final deadline 
    • OSAC scholarship application site traffic may be heaviest a few days before the deadlines of February 15 and March 1, so students should submit their applications early
    • Use the scholarship filter within the catalog to sort through scholarships that are applicable
    • Four personal statements on OSAC scholarships application

OSAC Application Requirements
Four personal statements (Downloadable Version)
Activities Chart
Additional documents (depending on scholarship)
FAFSA (not required by all)